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Im kinda new to arduino and i want to use a arduino uno to power a tetrax motor. the motor has no code so just eletricity is needed but i want more control then just jerryrigging power to motor

Depending on the motor you will need a suitable motor controller. Post all info you got about your motor. even a picture might be helpful

More details needed. What is a "tetrax motor"...a link to it would be useful. Brushed motor? Brushless? How much voltage and current does it need. When you say "control" it what exactly do you mean? Control speed? Change direction? Something else?

Generally you can't POWER a motor with an Arduino but with the addition of a MOSFET or other transistor or a motor driver you can CONTROL a motor.


The title conjured up a Van de Graaff generator in my mind. :)


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Can you post a link to specs/dataof the motor please?

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Most Electric motors we used with Ardunio projects need 5 to 12 DC volts. Its more about amps and how
much power your motor can handle. Brushed motor vs Brushless.

Everything About LiPo Battery for Racing Drones - Oscar Liang Good info on LiPo Batteries. yes for drones, but explains well.
Batteries below are li-Ion same concept

Below I have listed what I use to power my projects, Just remember most Micro-controllers Arduino and the like (raspberry pi) run on 3.3 volts or 5 volts, you have to step down the power. The motor module below has a 12 volt and a 5 volt output. Always consult documentation for your products. Either provided with product or on manufactures website, can’t find documentation buy a different product and save yourself the headache.
I was building racing FPV Drones before I got into RPi and Arduino projects. Always better to have documentation.

  1. You are going to need a motor module :

Qunqi L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Module Dual H Bridge DC Stepper For Arduino

2.Your are going need power, case and a way to charge batteries.

EBL 18650 Battery 3.7V 3000mAh Performance Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries

abcGoodefg 3.7V 18650 Battery Holder Case Plastic Battery Storage Box with ON/OFF Switch

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  1. You are going to need a way to send inputs to ardunio to send output signals to motor module. I recommend any started arduino kit on amazon. Im building a Tank Robot as we speak. I am using an IR remote and sensor to send input signals to the arduino.


Elegoo EL-KIT-003 UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino

  1. Latest version Arduino IDE. Some Code samples. A Idea of what you are trying to do with the motor.
    Ask yourself “What’s my Project?” Time and Patience. The ability to look on the web for resources and ask the right question? More Patience. Coding is the hardest part when new. I am new to arduino as well. Ignore Forum TROLLS, they are here to discourage you for not posting correctly when you are new. Hang in there you will get it if you want it. READ READ READ. Start small learn the code.

Good luck and have fun.


One other thing, all the other responses to your question where hung up on what kind of motor you

have, what are its specs etc yadda yadda yadda. It doesn't matter really. Its the concept of how

electric motors work. Understanding Ohm's Law:

I gathered from your question you wanted to know what was needed in order for you to be able to

control the output to the motor in question using an Arduino,and I hope I explained that to you in my

first post. The specs of the motor really don't matter unless your motor is an AC motor or uses more

than 12 volts dc, and then its a matter of hardware and code beyond the scope of your question.

You need power (battery 12 volts)---> to motor controller which outputs power to motor

You need power (battery 3.3 to 5 volts)---> to power micro-controller

You need mode of input (example: IR remote and IR sensor) ----> to micro-controller

You need "code" on micro-controller that understands input signals and desired effect.

Then said micro-controller will send signal out on a digital or analog wire. Most likely in your case on

one of the 6 PWM outputs to the motor controller. Which in turns controls the power output to the


Depending on the type of motor you have and what desired effect you want, will determine the type of

"code" you need to control it.

example would be a servo motor, a step motor, and brushed or brushless motor.

In Drone building we use ESC (electronic speed controller) to control the flow of power to the motor.

Understanding Batteries:

Example - For a 2000 mAh battery with a 15C rating, the continuous current that may be drawn out of

the battery is 2000 mAh x 15 = 30000 mA, or 30 Amps (A)

(divide by 1000). There is also another rating that is applicable to a battery known as peak or "burst"

current discharge rating. More mAh means More capacity to discharge longer. Think of mAh as a

battery's gas tank. Higher mAh equals more in theory, Increase C rating More AMPs= More Power, uses

more mAh. example 2000 mAh with 30C (60 amp draw) will last less than the 2000 mAh 15C battery.

a 4000 mAh with 30C will last about the same amount as the 2000 mAh 15 C battery in theory.

In theory an electric motor will continue to speed up as long as power is increased. It only tops out in

speed when it mechanically fails due to friction. This is why brushless motors are so popular with drone


smalloytn: One other thing, all the other responses to your question where hung up on what kind of motor you

have, what are its specs etc yadda yadda yadda.

Yes we are all hung on a response, so why waste two long posts when we know so little? :) :) :)

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Topic Statement

Im kinda new to arduino and i want to use a arduino uno to power a tetrax motor. the motor has no code so just eletricity is needed but i want more control then just jerryrigging power to motor


HI everyone I’m new to forums. I have an Arduino ONU and a Tetrax Motor (posters available “hardware”) I know that the motor runs on electricity. I would like to be able to control the motor with my Arduino UNO. Could someone please suggested to me what hardware is needed and point me in a direction to some code samples? (Ah there it is, hidden in the above statement a Question?)


It is a statement that could have been written better and formed into a Question. It takes Time and Practice to formulate a method for asking exactly what you want. If you are on the forum to truly help people you should have been able to figure out what was being asked. Instead this person is probably frustrated, discouraged, and gave up. For all we know this person could have been a budding code genius only to be pushed away. The world will never know.

Indeed, hence my first post asking for more information about what exactly was wanted and what components were being used.

Programming is a fairly detailed undertaking. It is not possible to provide useful advice or code samples without some idea of what they are to be used on, with and for.



You are correct about the programming. I suggested in my first post on this topic that the poster needs to ask themselves "what is my project? " hence what am I trying to achieve?. Because they said they were fairly new to Arduino, I suggested some basic concepts about dc motors power, and controlling hardware. I also suggested an Ardunio starter kit as a way to introduce basic coding exercises. I was trying to be helpful.

It was pointed out to me I shouldn't extrapolate to much, which is understandable. The idea is that hopefully the poster will see this discussion and understand how to formulate better questions in the future, maybe they just needed a nudge in that direction. I just hope they didn't give up. I apologize for the flak i gave yesterday. No excuses. Programming and project design required critical thinking which is a skill everyone is capable of but few master. Arduino uno

Pretty motor, but the picture doesn't tell us the current requirements, full load and stall current, can you post a link or datasheet?

Everyone else is hung up on powering the motor, I'm concerned about what exactly "control the motor" is supposed to mean.

PaulMurrayCbr: Everyone else is hung up on powering the motor, I'm concerned about what exactly "control the motor" is supposed to mean.

Indeed. I asked that question back in post #3 and never got an answer so I've more or less lost interest now.