Sending weather data over VirtualWire

I've put it all together and... It didn't work :( The transmitter code was working fine, as I monitored via serial output. The receiver does not seem to receive messages. This could be a wiring problem, coding problem, or a hardware problem. I will check the voltages on the transmitter and receiver chip to make sure that they are at fault.

Since I was just testing them, I made the antennas quite short 5cm. However, they were right beside each other, so I do not think that would have made a difference.

Edit #1: I also think I will upload a sketch on the Receiver that will dump raw data in real time to see whats going on.

You can try a 100k and 10k resistor and record the receiver signal with a computer line-in and Audacity. The 100k and 10k as voltage divider (100k to receiver output, 10k to ground, middle to computer line-in, connect also GND to GND).

Don't try to make your whole sketch work at once. Make a small test sketch using the VirtualWire receiver example to see if something is received. It is normal that during the development of a project a number of test sketches is needed to test every part (either hardware or software) on its own.

The transmitter can also be checked with SDR (Software Defined Radio). You need a USB stick of 15 dollars, and you can receive everything between 50MHz and 1.5GHz or so.