SendSMS Sending 20+ SMS messages at once

I am Using an MKR NB 1500, to Send an SMS, got it to work with the same phone number everytime using:
char remoteNum[] "04******69";
Once this worked, I tried it so that I can send a pre-written message. i.e (cattle-yard Gate opened). I got it to send the SMS, not once, but like 20 times... Does anyone know how to fice this?? I think it is a loop issue, but am not too sure.

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You need to create a list of recipient numbers… probably in an array???

Then, instead of a single ‘send’, drop that into a function(), and loop through the array and call() the send() function repeatedly with the valid members of your recipient array.

Depending on the modem and carrier, each message sent will likely take between half a second and two seconds to complete with ’OK’.. you need to wait for completion before sending each new message.

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