Senior Design Project support/guidance

Good Morning/Afternoon,
My name is Jon-Paul Bell. I am hoping to get in contact with someone to talk about support for a Senior Design project. I have proposed a project for my Mechanical Engineering program at Eastern Michigan University. My program coordinator Dr. Emadeddin Tanbour, he has initially approved my proposal. I am now doing the legwork to coordinate points of contact for technical and/or product supply support.

Jon-Paul Bell

Are you looking to hire someone to do some design work, coding or construction?
If so, the Gigs and Collaborations forum is the best place to contact such people.


Yes you need to post / link to your proposal....

Arduino Info here: ArduinoInfo

Electrical Planning: Arduino-Project-Planning-Electrical - ArduinoInfo

Do you not think an outline at least of your proposal may help? For all we know you could be designing a square wheel!


I love the fact that he did calculations and computer animations for 7 years, and then had the bike specially built. I mean he sort of reinvented the wheel, but just plain wrong.

A typical project is that you outline the full project and then you get the sensors and connect them and when you have problems you post the problem you encounteted and we point out the place you need to look.
Then you rewrite your code

Then you rewrite your code

Again and again and again...

As noted above you should explain what your project involves so someone could decide if they had the ability to assist you and your group

If you are looking for the equivalent of a faculty advisor that is a serious position and not many strangers would probably want to get involved

If you need help with parts of your project and you are willing to do the bulk of the work this is a great place to get hints and many people will help point you in the correct direction, but all of us expect you to do the work and very few here will write large chunks of code for you since that defeats your learning.

Good luck with your project, new project can be a lot of fun