Sense steps on a stair


I would like to track steps of people on a marble stair and wondering if the Force Sensitive Resistors is the only accurate way. The problem is that I want to ba able to sense people as they step on the stair but I find that the size of FSR is way to small. It there any better option?


You need to describe your problem in more detail e.g. what exactly do you mean by "track steps of people on a marble stair"?

Lets say your Force Sensitive Resitors were big enough what would be your plan - to put one FSR on each step?
Is there no carpet, what about the wires.
Are you trying to 'see' each step a person takes, what happens if there are several people on the stairs at one time?

How wide??
How many steps?
What is the material on the SIDES of the staircase?

Some IR Beam comes to mind..

Hi again and thank you for your replies.

The stair is the entrance of a neoclassical building and it consists of 7 steps.
There is a carpet which can hide the understructure (electronics, wire etc)
The width of each step is approx 1meter. I was thinking of the Laser beam with photoresist's across
but it would be difficult to hide the electronics because again there is not an option to intervene with
the architecture of the building

The question about how this would function is good. Ideally it should be able to send signals to Arduino
(and then from Arduino to RaspberryPi to synthesise sound). I would say that not more than three people would step on the same step probably but it could go also more minimal and sense only one person per step.

How can I expand the area a FSR can detect force on?

I hope I provided some help..


The fact that there is a carpet and it is not a bare marble stair makes a huge difference. You have still though not specified what you are trying to achieve.

Rather than an FSR you would probably use a pressure mat

These are used in security systems.
However whether or not it is suitable for what you want to do depends on exactly what you want to do.