SenseAir S8-0024 S8-4B CO2 Carbon Dioxide Sensor pinout

Hello has anyone worked with this sensor before? A friend of mine gave me this sensor but I couldn’t find anyone working with this sensor online. [Here](US $18.50 | New Original SenseAir S8-0024 S8-4B 004-0-0024 Infrared CO2 Carbon Dioxide Sensor S8 0024 is a link.


Here is a datasheet

Hello, Thank you. It looks like

G+ is positive
G0 is negative

that is the power pins.There is Out1, Out3, Out4, S1 and S2.

S1 is Calibration.
S2 is Somekind of testing
Out1 is Output Alarm.

Not sure what this all is. I did mange to see some people with this sensor But not this type of pinout But yet the same sensor. There using some RX and TX pins which this one doesn't seem to have RX and TX.

I'm unsure how to wire it up to the arduino and If there is any code out there for this type.


Sadly, this part is a threshold device. It is not suitable for anything but a very high CO2 level alarm.

The datasheet describes the operation. S1 is for calibrating with fresh air. Out1 is pulled to ground if the CO2 exceeds 8000 ± 1000 ppm. The accuracy in general is no better than ±400 ppm which makes this useless for indoor air quality testing.

Unfortunately, I now have three of them. Bummer.

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