Sensing a dead zone while rotating an object.

I like to pressure can from time to time. Preserve some of the summer goodness and buy less process foods from the store. One of the hardest parts is keeping the canner pressure stable over long periods of time. Some recipes have you hold 11psi for 90+ min. dipping below 11psi means you have to start the timer over. I usually cheat on the high side but this could lead to food breaking down (depending on what you're doing)

I'm able to sense the pressure of the vessel no problem, but I was also interested in trying to put a small motor on the gas knob stem to make micro adjustments to the heat with a PID loop. However my stove has a dead zone when switching from turning up or turning down the gas. When I turn the gas up, and need to bump it up a bit again, there is no problem. If I were to over correct and turn the knob too far where the pressure climbs, I need to adjust down. When I rotate the knob there is a number of degrees where the knob does nothing until I feel it 'hit' something and the flame adjusts. My project would need to advance the knob until it gets a bit of feedback, and then make the adjustment.

So I was looking into analog feedback servos, but I'm not sure that's what I need. I almost need something that will measure rotational force. I see some things that work for something like a fan, or an axle but not a momentary/limit switch time of deal. Ideally it would pass back an analog value while turning the knob, with near zero load and then stop as soon as the value went up, or I could apply the rotational change at that point.

For the safety minded, this isn't something i'm going to walk away from or anything. It will still be monitored, it's just that the pressure fluctuation can have an impact to the preservation quality. I'm just trying be more precise.

Any suggestions or things for me to research?

edit: It's probably really close to the mechanism in those safe cracking bots. This is not that, but after I posted it dawned on me that's what I'm looking for.

You need to add the amount of backlash whenever the you reverse direction (UP or DOWN), if you know the amount of backlash, lets say 3, if you are at 40 and need to go UP 1, if the last move was UP, then go UP 1, if the last move was DOWN, go up (backlash + 1 ) = 4, 3 to take up backlash + 1 for adjustment.

If you have ever tried cooking outdoors you know how difficult it is when there is a cross wind taking all the heat away. Recreate that experience indoors by having an adjustable fan that cools the canner from the side. No need to mess with hazardous gas valves.