Sensirion SHTxx Library - Yet Another

Hello All,

Just wanted to let others know that another Sensirion SHTxx library is available here;

The library is an extended version, e.g. includes all of the available sensor commands, and incorporates two modes of operation; blocking and non-blocking (user friendly polled implementation).

Measurement Read Functions (Blocking);

uint8_t read(float ta)
uint8_t read(float ta, float rh)
uint8_t read(float ta, float rh, float td)

Measurement Check Functions (Non-Blocking);

SHTxxSTATE_SENSOR check(float ta)
SHTxxSTATE_SENSOR check(float ta, float rh)
SHTxxSTATE_SENSOR check(float ta, float rh, float td)

It also includes Absolute Humidity and Heat Index functions.

Non-Blocking Example;

* ReadSHT1xValuesNB
* Read temperature and humidity values from an SHT1x-series (SHT10,
* SHT11, SHT15) sensor in non-blocking mode.
* Copyright 2010 Eric C. Gionet <>

#include <SensirionSHTxx.h>

// Specify data and clock connections and instantiate SHT1x object
#define dataPin 4
#define clockPin 5
// instantiate SensirionSHTxx instance
SensirionSHTxx shtxx(dataPin, clockPin);
#define SMP_ERR 999.99
static float taSmp = SMP_ERR;
static float tdSmp = SMP_ERR;
static float rhSmp = SMP_ERR;

void processSHTxx()
    STATE CODES (checkSensor):
      Sleeping,     // 0
      Measuring,    // 1
      Completed,    // 2
      WriteError,   // 3
      Timeout       // 4
  // poll sensor
  result = shtxx.check(&taSmp, &rhSmp, &tdSmp);
  // validate sensor result code
  if ( result == SHTxxSTATE_COMPLETED ) {
 // Print the values to the serial port
    Serial.print("Air-Temperature: ");
    Serial.print("C. Dewpoint-Temperature: ");
    Serial.print("C. Humidity: ");
  } else if ( result == SHTxxSTATE_WRITE_ERROR || result == SHTxxSTATE_TIMEOUT ) {
    taSmp = SMP_ERR;
    tdSmp = SMP_ERR;
    rhSmp = SMP_ERR;
    Serial.println("Sensor Read Error/Timeout");

void setup()
   Serial.begin(9600); // Open serial connection to report values to host
   Serial.println("Starting up");
   // set shtxx measurement interval (3-sec)
   // and enable non-blocking
   shtxx.setTimerInterval( 3000 );

void loop()
   // process sht measurement

Help documentation on functions will be added in time.



Where is the files? There is no file in the download section.

Kevin Belanger It's source controlled using SVN ( to allow others to contribute. zipped files are difficult to version control when more than one person is contributing. Using svn your guaranteed to get the latest version.

Go to the Source tab, select Browse, svn->trunk->SensirionSHTxx to view source code.

Sorry I checked too fast I think ;)