Sensitive weight sensor

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anymore can guide me in the right direction. I am looking for a weight sensor that detects weight with +/- 1 gram tolerance with maximum 5kg (higher is not a problem).

The most important is the size, it needs to be small and compact and easy to mount. And lastly, easily programmable with an arduino.

I know im asking a lot, but I am new to the arduino platform and would love your help!

Thank you!

Hello, Most weighing devices use strain gauges - the deflection caused by the mass alters a resistance bridge - can be complicated to use. Might be worth hacking a cheapo electronic kitchen scale or bathroom scale. You can get strain gauges at most of the component suppliers. Strain gauges are used on weighbridges, crane jibs, so 5-kg wouldn't be a problem. There are other methods like linear capacitance sensors or maybe have a look at the deflection strips/resistors that often get included in Arduino starter packs - there's always the good old spring.