Sensor and gsm interrupt problem

Hi fellow geeks :slight_smile:

Im creating an arduino with a sensor which creates a high signal when a light beam is not reflected.
Im using a arduino uno and a GSM shield and an omron sensor.

The way im detecting the sensor data is by creating a interrupt:

pinMode(sensorPin, INPUT_PULLUP);
enableInterrupt(sensorPin, itemDetectedFromSensor, FALLING);

This is working pretty good. Each time the sensor detect something, itemDetectedFromSensor() is executed. But here comes the problem:

Every 5 minutes, i would like my data to be uploaded to a homepage. While it is uploading, i would like my sensors to still work, and they mostly do. Only problem is, that in the gsm library in GSMSoftSerial.ccp line 215 - 233 it is turning off interrupts while transmitting:

cli(); // turn off interrupts for a clean txmit

This is not for a long period, but still enough to make the data "wrong".
Any ideas how i can solve this? Im open to using other hardware or software?

Looking forward hearing from you!

Best regards