Sensor + Arduino + Wifi

Hello everybody!

I'm planning to start using Arduino for a simple project that I am starting:

I'm trying to build something that receives a value from a sensor and sends it to the internet every 5 minutes. Just that. Can you advice me about what model of arduino board and wi-fi transceiver would be better for doing such thing?

Thank you so much.

Welcome to this forum.

If you can't find a reason to use anything different, a Uno is the obvious choice. If you have more ambitious plans, get a Mega. You might also consider an Ethernet shield feeding a Wifi repeater. This is cheaper, more versatile than a Wifi shield, and easier to use.

If you want to use a Uno + an Ethernet shield, its cheaper to get an Ether 10 which is basically a UNO with an onboard Ethernet Transciever.
Also has a SD card reader on board.

Really? I have an Etherten and, while I haven't regretted getting it, it cost nearly twice as much as a Mega plus Ethernet shield.