Sensor Based Boom Height adjusting Sprayer

Description of the project-

  1. A segmented wing of total length 10m is fitted behind a tractor which bears ultrasonic sensors and spray nozzles used for pesticide spraying over crops.
  2. The arms of the wing can be moved up or down based on the preset height and height measured by the ultrsonic sensors using pneumatic cyllinders controlled by arduino.
    3.Maximum sensing height shall be 1m.
    4.A total of 6 ultrasonic sensors(input of height data) and 5 Pneumatic Actuators(output to raise or lower the wing) to be used in the process
    1.Can this project be achieved by using Arduino?
  3. Is the Arduino Uno feasible or Arduino Mega 2560 preferred for the project?
  4. Will the ultrasonic sensor hc sr04 perform well in the outdoor conditions? Or should there be used high performance ultrasonic sensors/devices?
  5. What are the alternatives?

Perhaps it's worth taking a look at the "NewPing" library for this project, to make your job easier

A UNO should (just) be OK for this, or more easily done if you connect the US sensors so that only one pin is needed per sensor.

There's more info here, including examples for single pin operation and for running 15 sensors at the same time.:-

Edit: Oops, I fogot to add - do some testing with a single sensor first, to ensure that you don't get false readings from foliage etc. US sensors don't operate with a narrow beam, so you might need to put small tubes around the receiving transducers to get better results, or there might even still be a problem.
One US sensor is cheap, for testing.....

Are you building a demo system or the real thing?

Everything on a farm gets covered in dirt and rained on. Perhaps the ultrasonic reversing sensors found in a car bumper would be a better choice.

If you are building the real thing then the cost of the microcontroller is a tiny fraction of the total build cost. Start with the Mega and downsize if you don't need all the I/O.

1)Thank you very much for your suggestions. We are building this as a real working model on a tractor. The dirt and dust factor is being eliminated primarily as this is a first prototype of such kind and we would look forward to eliminated other factors. Initially we are focussing on getting this thing working.
2)However the vendor of hc-sr04 conventional Ultrasonic sensor told us that it cant be used for outdoor applications. Can you suggest any outdoor ultrasonic sensor which may be compatible with ardino?

What about mikb55’s suggestion - a sensor intended for the rear of a car?

Did you try a Google search?

I did, and found numerous results for waterproof ultrasonic sensors.
Try this search phrase:- “waterproof ultrasonic sensor”

Here’s an example from eBay:-
DC 5V Ultrasonic Module Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor Waterproof

Yeah I will look into that…Thanks a lot!