Sensor BH1750, dimming a led

I’m having a trouble with my arduino project. I’m trying to make a device that can be programmed that the LED that’s connected burn between an amount of Candela/lux, for example the LED is allowed to burn between 450 and 550 Candela or 8000 and 9000 lux. So I did some research and I think the sensor to work with is the BH1750. The only problem is that I can’t figure out how to connect the Arduino with an automatically controlled LED dimmer, and which dimmer i can use. So that if the sensor detects a higher amount of candela/lux than programmed the LED dimmer will automatically dim the LED so it burns between the given amount.
I hope it’s clear enough. :slight_smile:

What's an "automatically controlled LED dimmer" ? Are you using the Arduino to dim an LED, or is this an additional circuit?

You will need to provide additional detail about this. Have you got the BH1750 working? Verify it is working. Verify your LED dimmer is working. Then use logic in your code to use the result of the BH1750 to influence the dimmer.


Thanks for your reply,
With an automatically controlled LED dimmer i mean a LED dimmer that's influence by the arduino which got the data from de BH1750 sensor. For now i didn't have anything ordered yet. Because first i'm trying to figure out if it's possible to influence the LED dimmer with arduino with BH1750.