Sensor Breakout Failed

Hi all,

I'm just getting started using Arduino to build a prototype for my project. Please bear with me and would appreciate any help. I am using the MAX30105 breakout which has the following pins: INT, GND, 5V, SDA, SCL. I connected each pin to the Arduino (except INT which is not being used since there is only one board on the I2C bus).

It worked fine for a few days, then the sensor stopped working. I suspect it burned out for some reason? I am powering the Arduino with a 9V battery. Is there a difference between the different GND pins on the Arduino? I connected it to a different GND pin than the one outlined in the guide I used (, but as I understand it, it should not matter which GND pin is used.

I bought a new MAX30105 but before connecting it I want to make sure that I'm connecting this properly so that it doesn't fail again after a few days. Thank you!

The GND pin shouldn't matter, they are all connected. How do you know the sensor is burnt out, could it just be a loose wire?

the MAX30105 breakout

What the MAX30105 breakout? Does it have pull up resistors on the I2C lines? What Arduino? Does it have pull up resistors on the I2C lines?