sensor controled motor

so i have a light that needs to move every time my plants come close to it but i am not sure what sensor is the best to detect if something has come close to the light.

i was thinking something like a laser that draws a line beneath the light and when the plant breaks it i activate the motors.
but i dont know of any laser beam that has a wide beam only "straight lights"

What are you growing that needs to have an automatic lamp height system?

Because of the way plants grow, I would assume that you will need to scan an area.

What is called a light curtain would do the job.
An array of lasers and sensors.
You would only need to power up the curtain once or twice a day for only a few seconds, it would not require constant monitoring.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

Tom, I don't know what he's growing but I hope he isn't going to smoke it. As you always say, if you let the smoke out, it stops running... (Ok, so I have a weird sense of Humor)

Back to the subject, wouldn't a simple range finder work on a plant leaf? I don't see why it wouldn't be sensitive enough... unless the leafs are like Millimeter sized.

I like the range finder i hope I can remove all the false positive detections.

its gonna be an universal grow room but i doubt any leaf is mm sized

could you recommend what kind of motor i could use to rise the lamp?

could you recommend what kind of motor i could use to rise the lamp?

One that can move the lamp faster than the plants can grow?