Sensor > Counter > Display


I'm coming up on a project where the basic idea is to have a PC count product that is going down the line via a sensor of some sort and display that number on a large monitor.

This is a very quick, cheap, and dirty approach since we don't want to interface with the PLC's. It would break our support agreement with the company that set this stuff up, and having them implement it would cost us our left go-nad.

That being said, where in the world do I start? lol

Write up all required specifications and post them over at Gigs and Collaborations.

I have no idea what the specs are, that's why I'm asking you guys about how this can be done.

Sensor sends a signal every time a product passes by on the conveyor > PC counts the signal > PC displays the current counted # onto a monitor.

That's it, that's all it has to do, lol

Edit: if it helps any, I am proficient is Bash and we have some guys on the team that can do .net/html