Sensor for cigar and cigarretes

HI All,

I am a rookie in the electronic world. I would like to build a cigar (cigarette) smoke detector, nevertheless, I do not know what smoke detector should I use. I just reviewed the MQ-7, MQ309A and others. So, could you recommend me a cigar(cigarette) smoke detector?


Hi rookieven,

Those look like carbon monoxide detectors. I'm not sure if they'll be sensitive enough to detect cigarettes.

Did you look for smoke sensors? Check this out:


Hi Patduino,

Thanks for the link. Nevertheless, which one of the different corbon monoxide smoke detectors should I use between the MQ-7, MQ-9, MQ307A, MQ309A, ans AQ7? According to the page you suggested all of them detect carbon monoxide.

Thanks Patduino.


Here's another Arduino forum link: