sensor for door mat?

hello everybody, I'm looking for a sensor, which I can lay under a door mat to recognize if someone steps upon. I know there are ready made alarm door mats out there, but does someone knows if there is an other way to reach the same result, which is maybe more comfortable to customize or cheaper? I want to use as many mats as possible to track the rough position of the persons in a room - any suggestions? thanks & best regards, koji.

check they have one that cost about 8 eur, it's specifically made for doormats


hey massimo, thanks for the quick reply. I was searching at the homepage you gave me but couldn’t find it. can you tell me the name of or the link to the product? that would be nice. thanks.

If you would like to make your own mat sensor, they are quite easy to build, using only copper tape and foam or cardboard. You basically just have to find something that is springy enough to separate the copper contacts, but soft enough to compress while being stood on. Basically you just alternate rows of foam and 1" copper tape.

In Canada we use the construction foam that goes between the foundation of a house and the wood framing. It comes in a giant roll (4" x 50') for about $15. Add some copper tape, and you have about fifty feet (20 Metres?) of running floor sensor, for under $30. The copper tape can be obtained at a stained-glass supplies store, as they use it to solder the glass together.

Here's a link of one way to do it.. I think they use cardboard:

Here's a link to a paper describing a sensor made with foam and copper tape:

hej daniel, sorry for my tardy reply. thank you, i'll check it out. best regards. koji