Sensor for Measuring Linear Speed

Hello everyone,

I am looking for some sensors which will enable me to measure the linear velocity of an object passing through a "gate". Essentially we can think of this as an object being fired (I can have the object go through a gate), and I will need the velocity of the object at the beginning/end of the gate. The speed of my object will likely range between 2 and 25 meters/sec. A good accuracy will be important (I would plan for at least within 0.1)

I would plan to attach to an arduino, however would be happy to purchase a ready made package and minimize the chance of error with my "tinkering".

Thanks for any suggestions.

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A photogate comes to mind. Very simple and accurate for DIY.

Is there a pre-built photogate that would be available for purchase? If not, would you be able to recommend which components would work best to build a photogate?

Thanks for your help.

Here is a larger commercial photogate. There are plenty of DIY articles on the web.

Thanks all for your help!