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I have a question about my music setup...

My installation consists of several Tibetan bowls. They are sonorized by small microphones which also serve as midi triggers. So when I hit a bowl, a midi information is sent to my computer and a sample is played. However, as my microphones are very sensitive, when I play outside and when it is windy, my samples are randomly triggered by the wind without me being able to control them...

So I'd like my bowls to be placed on a motion sensor (very thin) connected to an arduino which would convert the movements of the bowls when I hit them into midi notes...

Can anyone advise me on this sensor?

Here an exemple of my setup:

Thank you!

Why not reduce the sensitivity of the microphone? Post circuit details, and perhaps someone can advise.

Thanks for the idea.

I only use a small part of the signal from my mics for the trigger.

Capture d’écran 2021-05-01 à 16.19.02

The signal is split in two in live ableton, one part for trigger and another one (complete) to the main output. I also use microphone windshield but it's not the ideal solution...

Hello, I have never used but this sensor could serve you:
Best regards

Thank you, needs to be tested!

Looking a little more I have found this other page that shows the output of that sensor. Evaluate if that output is valid before buying it.

thank you again,

I am very new in the arduino world...
How many sensors like this can I connect to an arduino? I need 15 of them

With my current setup, I can adjust the sensitivity of my trigger, so I can hit or rub my bowls gently without the sample triggering or hit harder (with another mallet) to trigger it. I don't know to what extent this will be possible with these sensors. But I am curious to test!

If you want to measure the intensity of the vibration, as in the previous example, you only have 6 analog pins for it, pins A0 to A5. If you just want to know if it is vibrating or not to those 6 analogs, you could add 12 more digital pins, pins from D2 to D13, a total of 18 inputs.
However, I do not know if that sensor can activate a digital pin, you may have to add a simple trigger circuit, or it is also possible that the configuration you currently have for the microphones will serve you directly.
How are you currently connecting the microphones? upload a small schematic to analyze.

here is my setup, I hope it is clear enough :slight_smile:

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