Sensor for O-Ring Groove

I manufacture a 7/16" brass hex nut that has an O-Ring groove inside. The problem is that some parts have a chip stuck in the groove after they come off the machine. We manufacture very large quantities of these a month and visually inspect each piece to see if the o ring groove is clear. I would like to make an inspection machine for this but can't seem to find a sensor that would work (if one even exists). One of the big issues is that the hole the sensor would have to go into is only .240". Any thought or suggestions on this or am I asking to much?

Thanks, Marc Work

My opinion: You have a human visually inspect each piece, because there is no readily available sensor (that you know of) to do the inspection for you. There is a very good analog to human visual inspection. It is called machine vision. The price has come down quite a bit in the last decade, and the ROI could be reasonable. After all, you are paying a person to do it. How much does it really cost you?

Any advice you get via a forum, without pictures, diagrams, data about your particular problem will be worth what you paid.

What about an inspection tool connected to the machine? You could take an electrical probe, ground it to your machine, then stick it in the groove. If it makes contact with a chip it will complete the circuit. This can be recorded and corrected.

If you are using a milling or turning center I’m sure it could be done.