Sensor for registering a table football goal

Hi. I am wanting to make a automatic counter for our table football (babyfoot, fussball), such that when a goal is scored a 7-segment display counts a goal.

Question is: what sort of sensor would be the best to use? I imagine some sort of light sensor as the ball enters the goal and falls down in the gutter.

Any suggestions?

A push to make or break button with a lollypop stick glued on it?

Make your own with an IR LED and phototransistor in a tube.


You can detect an ball when it rolls over the goal line on the ground, using a light barrier or similar device. But when you want to detect flying balls as well, how can you cover the entire height of the goal?


The solution should already come to your mind, depending on your personal abilities.

If you are more mechanically inclined, two hanging aluminium/conductive sheets that will make a momentary contact when the ball hits them. If your knowledge base is more in electronics or optics, then IR or LED might be easier for you. It also depends on how much room you have available in the goal....

The solution should come to your mind by itself depending on your abilities. Are you more the mechanic type or do you like to play with electronic components ? Are you a tinkerer? I think this is the most important requirement ....

  • dan

You could use a "laser wall".

Two high-quality mirror strips on each side of the goal with laser and sensor mounted at the ends so the beam traverses a close zig-zag.