Sensor for small 1d barcode data

Hi all,

First post here so please be kind :) in a nut shell my glucometer uses a drum of 17 test strips. each drum has information encoded on it (simple 1D barcodes) i have done a number of searches to find the actual device used I'm assuming its some sort of photodiode array, dont need a ccd camera chip, that is overkill for my needs I want something small that can count from 0 to 255 just something simple that can tell me the current dialed in position (or at least something my simple mind can use) ive run out of search terms for google any hints would be appreciated. Most of the stuff showing up is for lidar and distance measuring which isnt what i need. Thanks in advance

Can you post a picture of the item your referring to so we can see the barcode?

Google bar code reader.

There's also a PS/2 model that you could interface to an Arduino. Or, really, any scanner you can find on the web with a PS/2 interface would work just fine; they're quite cheap nowadays.