Sensor information hunting

Hey guys!

I pulled this optical rotary sensor from a Canon pixma MP230 printer and I've been searching for a datasheet for it but I can't find any info at all. It's for the "feeing" mechanism of papers which I'm assuming determine what "row" it prints...

I'll post some pictures, hoping someone here is better than me of google'ing :slight_smile:

The text on the sensor it self says: K 36-2613 (the K is twice the size to the numbers)
On the circuit board it self it says: QM7-2653
new row: QK18762
new row: 01

All help much appreciated. Maybe there is similar ones out there so I can guess a bit maybe...

Browse these
and these

I found this underneth the cables...

What company is that, Anyone knows?

Photointerrupters are pretty simple devices and shouldn't require a datasheet, but yours is kinda unique in that it has six pins instead of just four. Perhaps there are two photodetectors in the package? If you could get a look "inside" the slot you should be able to see the LEDs/phototransistors that are embedded in the plastic package.

If I were to guess I would say that, on the ribbon cable, pin 3 is power, pin 2 is GND, and pin 1 and 4 are the outputs from the detectors.