sensor input voltage in the range of 9-12 Volt

Hello Guys,

I am using an Arduino UNO board to work with a hall sensor, but to program the sensor it requires more than 5 volt supplied to the VCC input port of the Mems based sensor.

is this possible with a UNO board, because it can't supply more than 5 volt.

Looking for your assistance.

It's not really clear what you mean. The only Hall sensors I've ever used don't need programming, just 5V in and either 0-5V analog out or a 0/5V digital low / high out.

If yours needs 9V why not just give it 9V from some other source? And then if its output is 9V too, just use a divider to condition that to 5V for the Arduino to read.

But it's very likely what I just sid is wrong. Can you provide a link to your sensor's datasheet?