Sensor Loadcell

Hi familllies arduino iam using loadcell for getting weigh, anybody know how i can find some

manufacturing to doing a balance for me with my loadCell sensor

What is the problem ? (what do you want to do?)

Check if the following schematic appears a bit helpful. |500x289

That's a circuit for the ATmega32, not the ATmega328.

The bit in the middle is an HX710B high-resolution ADC (

Typically people here have used an HX711 ADC chip, which are available from various vendors for use with Arduinos.

m328 does not have enough IO lines to be a part of a single chip based Digital Weighing Machine design. However, any of its four IO lines could be decoded to get 16 lines for the cc-pins of the 16x7-segment display device.

HX710B is an 8-pin low cost 24-bit ADC; whereas, HX711 is a 16-pin 24-bit device and more expensive than HX710B..

knut_ny: What is the problem ? (what do you want to do?)

I just want to do a balance any Loadcell an i want a costumer to do the box for me.

Contact manufacturing companies for enclosures.