Sensor MPX2050DP

Estou com problemas em amplificar o sinal de um sensor MPX2050DP com saída em mV, se alguém poder ajudar eu ficaria agradecido.

I'm having trouble amplifying the signal from an MPX2050DP sensor with mV output, if anyone can help I would be grateful.

An un-amplified pressure sensor is like a load cell, so the common way is an HX711 breakout board.

eu tenho o HX711 porem nao consiguo utilizar com o MPX, se poder me ajudar eu agradeço

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As said, an un-amplified pressure sensor is like a load cell.
You can find the connections in the MPX2050DP datasheet.

pin 1 to E- (ground)
pin 3 to E+
pin 2 and 4 to A+ and A-

It could be easier to use a sensor with built-in instrumentation amp.

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I'm sorry about the portuguese, and thank you about the orientation with the hx711, this work for me. If you know some code to use the hx711 with some mpx sensor, share with me please