Sensor - Place under carpet

I am looking to creat an product and application that logs how long a person has been standing. The sensor should be place or integrated in a rubber carpet.

The measurements should start once the load on the sensor increases with x kg i.e once a person steps up on the carpet. Let’s say 10kg. The sensor should log start, length and end time (date and length), low battery consumption.

WiFi enabled is a plus.

Planning a studie related standing at the desk at work/in an office.

If it could registrate movement over a 50x50 cm surface that would be a plus. But not nessacary at this point.

Anyone that can put me in a direct on what to use?

Try "Load cell" search.

4x 50Kg Load Cell Weighing Scale Sensor for Arduino PIC / HX711 - UK STOCK | eBay

Good luck.........

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