Sensor Pt100 with Converter 4-20ma

Hello guys, i need a big help from you , im trying to connect a pt100 to Arduino Uno.
I have the Pt100 with a converter 4-20ma from Minco Model is TT111PBIC . The converter has 2 inputs for the Sensor 3-4 and
1-2 are outputs 4-20 mA, 1 is + 20mA and 2 is - Current. At what i noticed in the forum is the 250 ohms

as what i found is this . All you need is a 250 ohm resistor. Place the resistor across the current output of the Xducer. connect the junction of the + output and resistor to analog input. connect the negative Xducer output to Arduino GND.

it will convert the 4-20mA into 1-5V.
My Question is that the Arduino can read 1-5v and how ? or i can make it directly with ADC ? any advise ?
Greetings From Cyprus

hi Volitzihs,

You can read this article first (

In my opinion, to read 1-5 volt, you can use ADC then you should convert from ADC value to voltage.
Please read this tutorial (
To convert from ADC value to voltage:

float voltage= sensorValue * (5.0 / 1023.0);