Sensor question

Hi to all of you as I've just created an acoount today.

I’d like to buy Arduino Starter Kit + - and fot the second is my question. Do I need to buy anything else in order to connect it the the board and use it? Is cable (visible on 3rd photo) shipped with it or do I need to buy it separately?

And now the silly part: this sensor is for measuring distance (in given range) from different objects, right? Just want to be sure as I'm about to begin my adventure with electronics thanks to Arduino ;-)

Thanks for any response!

The sensor is advertised with the cable so it would be supplied. Is data for it.

It gives a variable voltage dependent on the distance to the object. You need to connect it to 5v, ground and the output to an analogue input.


What kind of distances are we talking? Different ranges are sometimes better matched with ultrasonic or different IR sensors.

I have used sensors from MAXBotix. The are Sonar and are very easy to work with as well as accurate. If you are in moist area's or outdoor make sure you look for outdoor sensors. Sonic doesn't work well with high humidity. And as previously posted you might look at IR. They will be a bit cheaper.