Sensor question

Hi guys.

This is my first post here in the forum so bear with me if I do someghing wrong.

I need a way to make a motor rotate Clockwize or counter Clockwize depending on how a person is rotated (not positioned) in regard to the sensor.

Distance 2-4 m.
Person may have some kind of transmitter on him.

What might the best sensor be for this to work smoothly?

IR, ultrasound, blob detection with camera or something completely different?

I hope to get som good answers.

Kind regards
Christian Garrelts

We need more information on what you want.

Please explain what you mean by "how a person is rotated".

Is the sensor supposed to recognize a human being (from other objects), and determine that human's 3D orientation? If so, this is a project for a vision system and a PC, not an Arduino.

More info needed...

What are you actually trying to make?

does your motor have to turn at the same time the person is turning? Like mimicking the turning

If the person rotates 180° does your motor have to turn the half then turn too, or too turns or turn for seconds?

What accuracy is needed?