Sensor Reading Differential, How to?

I have a project I'm working on and I'm having problems trying to find the hardware. Here are the specs on what I'm trying to do. Is there any products out there that could help me?

The projects basic needs.

1: To read two optical points on a dial while at the same time reading and saving the data points as they

2: listen for contacts to initiate the reading and saving of such data.

3: Moving dial to specified data points.

4: Taking saved data and producing graph.



read two optical points on a dial

Please post a link to the dial, or a clear diagram with text explaining what "read optical points" means.

To measure a shaft angular position, use a shaft encoder.

To rotate a dial shaft, use a motor in conjunction with a shaft encoder.

Try to imagine we have no idea what you're trying to do.
Because we don't.
Now, please explain.

It would be used as a safe tool. The safe dial numbers would be broken into quarter increments which could also be done by a stepper motor. There is two points on the safe dial that can be heard and felt. This area is known as the drive cam contact points. This area will shorten or lengthen in size depending on what is happening with the safe lock. The arduino would need to control a motor to dial the safe lock to specified points after which it would then again dial the safe lock to another location until contact would be heard and record which number it was heard on. This happens twice in the contact area.

Working the code is not a problem and I will not be sharing it so please keep that in mind. Being able to turn the safe dial while listening for the contact and at the same time recording the location for graphing is the challenge. I was thinking a barcode could be placed over the contact area and using a barcode reader it could be read more accurately and using a stepper motor to turn the safe dial. While I can do this by hand, it's called safe manipulation, I wanted to see if I could make a machine that could do it more effectively and more accurately. I have seen one device like this from a fellow locksmith and have seen it in action.

Thanks for any help you can give.


So you want to build a safecracker tool?