Sensor recommendation for very high humidity environment?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a humidity sensor that will tolerate a very high humidity environment and give reasonably accurate readings? Very high precision isn't really needed but I don't want wildly erratic readings either. I want to put the sensor inside a sealed box along with an ultrasonic pond fogger which the arduino will turn on and off. The humidity and condensation will be very high while the fogger is running and I suspect that a basic dht11 will not tolerate these conditions very well.

DHT11 is rated up to 80%, so not suitable for that reason alone (in my locality they're also quite useless as humidity of >80% is very normal).

The DHT22 is better - can do 100% - but not sure if it can handle condensation that well. That is simply a big problem.

Anyway, a quick Google search turned up a great overview of humidity sensors and how they actually work, and a line of condensation resistant humidity sensors but they're not cheap, listed at almost USD 16 a piece on