Sensor recommendations for air quality monitoring

Here's the short version, I'm hoping to get input here about decent sensors for monitoring air quality.

What are some good dust sensors as well as sensors for the various gasses used to determine air quality?

I got useful input from this forum when I asked about temperature/humidity sensors. I hope the community is as knowledgeable about various air quality sensors.

As a baseline, I'm looking at this EPA calculation: Air quality index - Wikipedia

That doesn't involve volatile organic compounds which is something I'll want to measure for indoor use too.

My main motivation is to keep watch on air quality at home because I live in an area that is close to seasonal wildfires. My family likes to have the windows open a fair amount so I want to have one platform keeping an eye on things outdoors to see when things are getting bad, and one for inside to make sure the air inside is OK.

Decent sensors cost decent amount of money.
Air quality sensors range for very cheap to very expensive. You get what you pay for.

I think that these are a good start:

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