Sensor Shield Cables

I have a nice sensor shield that provides GVS style 3-pin connections (header pins) for digital and analog sensors. It also provides a 4 pin connector-header for IIC. Browsing around various online stores, and ebay, I have not found anyone selling 3 or 4-pin (female to female) cables that can be used. I found single pin (female to female) jumpers that would work, but that would be messy to connection each wire separately.

Anyone know who might sell them?

I buy 40-pin F-F ribbon cables from e-bay (they are less than £2 delivered) with individual connectors on each wire. I then strip off the number of conductors required, connect them up and use a drop of low-viscosity superglue to fuse the individual connectors into a block. May not be quite as robust as a pre-made unit but it works well and is flexible, quick, easy and very cheap.

Just be careful not to glue your home-made connector to the board!


That sounds like a good, flexible way to do it. Thanks.