Sensor Shield Products work with arduino Uno bord

i am jw can you use Sensor Shield Products with a arduino Uno bord. and what is the difference between then?

The Sensor Shield brings out many (all?) Arduino pins out on to sets of three header pins for each, in the standard configuration - Vcc (+5V) as the middle pin, Ground on one side and "Signal" (S) on the other. (Some rogue manufacturers of servos use an incompatible pin configuration, as one comes to expect nowadays.)

The matching sensors/ effectors have three pins in the same layout, so you can connect them using common "servo" adapter leads with three pin "Dupont" sockets on each end.

Oh yes, as you asked, you can simply make the same connections directly to the Arduino, but you have to figure out how to branch the power and ground wires to many sensors. That's why you use the "Sensor shield" if you are going to use these sensor modules.

ok thanks m8