Sensor Shiled V4 (Electronic Brick Shield V4) - problem

I'm in the begginer project:
measure temeprature ( lm35 sensor) and show it on the scale with pointer driven by 9g servo motor.

When I connect all the parts on the arduino uno board (using analog pin 4 for temp sensor and digital pin 9 for servo) it works fine.
Then I mounted sensor shield on arduino board and reconnect same pins, the temp readings become unsteady and much higher.

What I'm doing wrong?

I have similar problems when using ethernt board.

This is probably a power problem,

see here and here for why and how to fix it -

and how to fix it -

Duane B

It shuldn't be a power problem, 'cose I'm using external power supply and it works on bare arduino board
and Sensor Shiled is sopposed to be almost passive.
Anyway I'll try to connect servo using breadboard and another power supply.


Let us know if the power circuit resolves your problem, I think it will, your external power is still limited by the Arduino onboard regulator and may not have such a high current capacity in the first place.

Duane B