Sensor Station + Wireless + GSM Alarm

Hi people, i started to search about arduino this week so i apologise my poor knowledge.

I want to do a sensor station for a mobile food seller, so i need to monitor 3 fridge’s temperature, floor inclination of the van, and current suply.
When the owner is inside or outside of the van he should see the data from sensors in a tablet running android, when he is far, if something gone wrong, like temperature out of the normal range, the sistem should send a sms vis the gsm module.

I’ve made a list of the material i think i wold need, but i have a few doubts, are the shields Wireless and GSM compatible?

I mean how can i address one or other in the program?

And another doubt is, i don’t know if i have to buy a prototype shield to connect all the sensors, or if i can just connect them into the arduino pins available ? (in this case between pins 22 to 53)

1 x Arduino DUE
1 x Arduino WiFi Shield

1 x Cellular Shield with SM5100B

3 x Digital Temperature Sensor - DS18B20

1 x Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - ADXL345

3 x AttoPilot Voltage and Current Sense Breakout - 180A

If someone know a simillar project please send me the link.

Many thank’s, regard’s.

The parts in general look good, but there are a few potential issues. The Due is new and cool, but I wouldn't use it unless I had a good reason to do so. In your case there is nothing that demands the Due. This is an issue, because not every shield or accessory that was designed for the normal Arduino will work with the Due. The most basic reason is that the Due is a 3.3V device while most Arduinos are 5V, but there are many other differences as well.

The WIFI shield tentatively looks to work with the Due (with some modification), but I couldn't find any information about the GSM shield, so that could turn into a battle.

Two shields gets interesting as well. You will need to look into which pins each shield needs. If there is a conflict you will need to have a way to change what pins a shield uses. Bare wiring or the Sparkfun in-between shield will do the trick there, but be aware that certain pins have hardwired functions that cannot just be remapped.

You might also look into a web service that allows your device to report information. I heard of one that would let you make an online dashboard that can display the data. It also let you set thresholds on the data that would cause an alert email or text message to be sent. I will look up the name of the service and post it here soon, but that approach would let you do away with the GSM entirely.

The service is Exosite:

Heard of it through this Circuit Cellar article:

Yes you are right the due will cause me some problems with the sensors to, some are feed with 5V and i forgot to say that i will have more 4 water level sensors.
So i'm thinking in use the mega-2560.

I found another site that have better prices and i reformuled the shield solution with those (that are compatible):

I have some experience programming with network's, so i was thinking in use the tcp/ip protocol, with ad-hoc connection to the android to send the data and make a app to display the results. If that was not possible i will rely on your solution, look's nice.

My problem now is to realise how i could connect all the sensors, i don't know if i can connect them to the digital I/O pins or if i need to buy a sensor or prototype shield because of de VCC 5V feeding all the sensors.

I forgot to say that the principal reason i want the gsm module, it's because the van has an central alarm module, if the module send's the alarm signal the original kit has an gsm module that sends the alert to owner's phone, the idea is trying to read that signal from the alarm in the analog input of the arduino, so we can send anti theft and fridge alarm trough arduino gsm module.