Sensor stored to array

Hi, i am building a project using 3 XBEE S1 : 2 end points, 1 coordinator

I have a problem with sending the sensor value that’s sent by XBEE,
it decreases the total data (sampling rate) from arduino while sending it through XBEE

So i came up with idea to store the value of sensor into an array.
and then xbee send it. but still its not working.

I know how much data need it to send through XBEE in a second which is 800.

Any idea to do that?
I am using the AT Mode of XBEE

i tried:
char a[800];

for(int i = 0; i<800. i++)
int sensor = analogRead(A4);
a = sensor;
thank you in advanec

Two loops, one to do the storing, and another to do the transmitting?

And code tags, mmmm, yeah, code tags.