Sensor Testing Platform Started

I have been super busy with other things, but I did get something new going. Since my turret is still needing some final details, I had some more parts for a 2nd test platform made.

Here is a pic. I got another standard Futaba servo, and a HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor to start with. I found the best deal on ebay of course and got fast shipping. I have been doing some testing, and this sensor is pretty easy to use with the Arduino. Here is the link if you are interested in a similar part:


Cool. I read recently that the sensor creates quite the current spike when it transmits a pulse and some reported jumpy return values. Simple solution seems to be a 100mfd cap wired right to the positive and negative power pins on the module. I haven't bought one yet to play with, but probably will someday down the road.


Didn't notice anything weird when I did a quick test, but I will watch for that. I also read that in general you want to take averaged readings, that will be interesting to try.