Sensor that can measure air flow at high pressure(300kPa)

I need sensor that can measure air flow at 300kPa.
I'm designing something that is relevant with Scuba diving.
In Scuba diving, pressure of air tank is very high like as 300kPa,
so I need sensor that can work at 300kPa.
In additional, if there is sketch about sensor, I also need it.

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A mechanical rotating turbine could measure the air flow.
However, it is far too dangerous to change something to the scuba gear. Diving can be dangerous, don’t risk your life. Check the number of scuba diving fatalities for your country, then you understand why safety is extremely important when scuba diving.

I don’t know if there is a non-invasive air flow sensor that will work submersed.

Agree not something to be playing around with .

Anyway if you know the pressure in the tank you know how much air holds ... so from rate of pressure drop you get flow .

Most flow sensors don't care about pressure (so long as the housing is strong enough), they measure volume
flow though, so for mass flow you have to correct for the density, which means you need to know the pressure anyway. There are some sensors that that actually measure cooling of a heated wire to measure flow - that's going to be interesting physics at different densities and pressures, probably non-linear.

However: never use equipment in air or oxygen above the pressure it is rated for, as fire is a real risk when
oxygen exists at pressure - many organic materials are not safe in pure oxygen at even atmospheric pressure,
compressed air is more likely to be a fire hazard at higher pressures too - this is something you need to
check for. Oxygen at pressure in contact with the wrong materials could be a killer in this situation.

I suspect the minimum specification you should be looking for is medical grade, and at the moment they have
better uses for medical grade flow sensors...

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