Sensor to determine distance from rounded objects


I am trying to figure out if there would be a sensor to determine the distance from a rounded or non-flat object. The object I want to measure the distance from is the side mirror of a car, which has a rounded surface in its back.
I found some laser ToF sensors, but they may not work because the laser beam cannot be completely reflected to the receiver...I guess. So, any ideas?

Any help will be appreciated.


Laser will work. Police are hardly only ticketing people who they've managed to aim at a perpendicular surface on.

Lidar Lite v3

Most systems will work.

Ultrasound works fine with walls that are at an angle towards the sensor. Will probably work with your mirror, too.

It sounds though that the main thing you have to think of is the actual distance (such sensors have a minimum distance) you want to measure. Then just see what fits in your geometry, and try it out. It sounds like you didn't try anything yet.