sensor to read the bar and stop the paper advance motor for cutting

I have one of this used machine, it is call fotoba cutter it base on the sensor to scan the bar on the picture, ( I attach the scan of this picture, the bar are 0.02" from the poster, then 0.02" bar with a 0.02" gap then another bar 0.02", whenever it scan this 2 bar then it know the cut position ) to position the paper and trigger the cutter to cut poster one by one.
note: the size of the bar can be control and modify by my printing software, I can make it thin to thick and the gap can be change too, to make your sensor easy to read.

I want to use arduino uno with the sensor that you can suggest to do something like this.
Let me know if this is something possible to read the bar like this.
the speed for the paper advance can be adjust to fit the sensor design, as long as it can be program to find the cut position and trigger the cutter

We are using large format inkjet printing by HP Z6100, or HP 25000 latex ink to make 600 dpi print on high quality inkjet paper, and our goal is to automate the cut. The used machine we can can only detect photo paper only, and they do not has new sensor for the inkjet paper, if and only if I buy their new machine, but I do believe we can use arduino to program the same process too.
please advise.

In general the Arduino cannot be used to process images; it doesn't have the memory for tasks like that.

I would suggest you look into using a computer and RoboRealm which is capable of identifying an image (or "fiducial" for the technical term) and could then trigger an action when the image is found.

thanks for your suggestion I like this software is so powerful that it can right the data from lcd to feed to arduino one person suggest me to use this with arduino ArduEye Rocket System it said it can do what I am looking for, what do you think? thanks.