Sensor triggered Projection


I was looking into using an Arduino for a proximity sensor triggered projection.
I am pretty much lost on how to start the project and need some guidance about how to set it up.

I want it so that when someone walks closer to the video, the video becomes blurred and content changes.
Can this be done by setting specific distances to trigger different video clips/sections?

Is this possible? Would I have to connect it to modul8? Are there any other software I would need?

Thanks for any help

I think it is like some RFID solution: Card and reader.
There are many RFID topic in Forum. Please search in the Forum.

What sort of range are you looking for?

Does the solution need to deal with multiple people in the sensor area?

Is it acceptable for your people to have to carry / hold something to be sensed?

Do you want the effect to occur once when the situation changes from 'nobody standing near' to 'somebody standing near', or do you want it to happen again if a second person approaches while the first person is still there, or do you want it to keep happening repeatedly while the person remains near?

You could consider using a PIR motion sensor or ultrasonic range sensor, but without knowing more about what you need to achieve I can't say whether either of these would be suitable.

If you are expecting the Arduino to display the video and more importantly blur the video, stop right there. An Arduino does not have the processing power to do video on its own, let alone blur the images.

A Rasberry Pi probably has enough power to display the video, but perhaps not enough power to blur the video. There I would store the video in several versions with different amounts of blurryness that you preprocessed ahead of time, and just use the distance sensor to select which video to output.,

I'm trying to do a similar thing as this for a project.
Instead of having the arduino/raspie to blur and distort the image, it it possible to have separate footage layered in over the top, increasing opacity the closer you get?

Almost anything is possible with enough skill and determination, but I would have thought it was more sensible to write a video streaming application based on OpenCV to apply a variable filter to your video at playback time. It''s possible you could find an open source player with a COM interface, in which case you might not need to code the video processing part yourself.