Sensor wire broken alarm

Hello there !

I am looking for a help or suggestion for a schematic or any other possible idea to
have an alarm sounded, whenever a wire to the sensor NO or NC type (Reed Switch type)
is open. The senor is neither a Analog type nor connected in series. It is a simple ON or OFF type

please share datasheet of your sensor,

its each do program

int Sensor=3;
int alarm=4;
static int Read_status=0;
void setup()

void loop()
Serial.println(" alarm is off ");digitalWrite(4,LOW);

}else if (Read_status==1)

Serial.println(" alarm is ON");digitalWrite(4,HIGH);

Well, the "idea" is that you have a resistor in parallel with the sensor.

If the sensor is NC, then if the sensor opens then the current will decrease, but not be cut off entirely as it will if the wire is cut.

Similarly, A NO sensor will draw more current when actuated.

If you wish to detect the wires being bridged (in addition), you have a resistor in series with the sensor.

Here is the short description of the sensor