sensor Wireless data from offshore (deep water 1km to 3km) to onshore network

Dear Sir/ friends,

Presently, I am working on IMU (MPU6050) system for my offshore mini project work. I want to collect the wireless data from the deep water seabed to ship or onshore tower ?. I request you to kindly suggest me the sensor or modules for data acquisition.

if possible suggest me best IMU unit and also Microcontroller (I need a 1000 data per seconds from IMU system and acceleration range +8g to -8g)

Thanking you.

Are you are aware that radio is essentially useless underwater?

Dear friend,

i don't know that much

The normal procedure is to anchor a buoy to your test site, use wire to communicate with the equipment on the buoy and go from there to the ship or shore.


It is extremely difficult to keep any electronic equipment powered and working in deep seawater.

You should be talking to professionals and researchers doing similar projects, rather than posting on the Arduino forum.