Sensors and Actuators Classifications


These days I am experimenting with different types of sensors. Sensors capture information (temperature, pressure, force,etc.) from the surrounding environment and must be connected to the input ports of Arduino. Actuators, on the other hand, create changes in the surrounding environment and are connected to the output ports of Arduino.

Sensors are termed digital or analog depending on the type of signal they generate (analog digital), correct? Are these sensors that can output both digital and analog signals?

As far as actuators go, are actuators classified either as digital only or analog only? It seems that some actuators, like LEDs, can be operate with both analog and digital input signal. With a digital signal, the LED is fully ON, fully OFF, or blinks at different rates. LEDs can be operated via PWM or even using an analog signal to light them up at some intermediate brightness.

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A couple of sensor things to look at:


Thank you! I really like the 2nd link.

Hi, and here's a much more philosophical approach to the whole idea of sensing things that I wrote several years ago: