Sensors Decagon SRS SDI-12 Protocol

I have a SRS sensor From Decagon Devices. I’m trying to connect this sensor using a Arduino Uno Board.
See Code Attached. I used this library: GitHub - joranbeasley/SDISerial: An SDI-12 Serial Library for Arduino.

My Problem:
I connected one sensor on Pin 3 and this devices works correctly. However, When I connect two sensors (one in Pin 3 and other and Pin5) just I get measurement from one sensor (sensor connected on Pin 3).
Anybody can help me?
Thanks a lot

porgrama_sensor_srs_arduino_funciona.ino (786 Bytes)

If you only connect one to pin5, does it work?

Yes it works. Whe I connect a unique sensor on Pin 5 or Pin 3 sensor works correctly.

Do you have a multimeter to see if these sensors draw too much current ? (no other idea at the moment)

No. I think the problem is located in the code or in the library. But I’m not expert in Arduino. Thanks.