Sensors for detecting Gas

Hi All

Does anyone know of any sensors that can be connected to an UNO or Mega that can detect the gasses R600 and R134a?



Almost all gas sensors can be connected to an Arduino.


Thanks for the reply.

Sorry I should have worded my question better, I do realize that all gas sensors could be connected to the Arduino.

What I should have asked can anyone recommend a Gas Sensor that will work with detecting both R600 and R134a refrigerant Gas.

I do know that R600a is an Iso-Butane Hydrocarbon gas and R134a is a Hydrofluorocarbon gas.

Will the same sensor type work for both or will I have to get different sensors?



No idea on the sensors , it’s possible a universal gas sensor may pickup these gases . This is quite specialised and I’d be surprised if anyone knows more than google on this one . What is the project tho ? These gases can be quite nasty and an Arduino based project is not the way to go for anything to do with safety or protecting life .Google comes up with a few hits; eg

I suspect generic hydrocarbon gas sensors will pick these up - whether with a good enough sensitivity or not
is a question for the manufacturer of the sensors, not us…