Sensors not sensing value

So I have an acs712 30A current sensor and an LM431BIM3 voltage sensor on a PCB. When I upload my code into esp32, both sensors print 0. When I just serial print the analogread on the sensor pin I still get 0.
Does this mean both these sensors are fried as an old esp32 fried when it was on the PCB connected to a power supply. However, the new esp32 work as it connects to wifi and displays variables on webserver

Can you post a schematic?
If you want to check your current sensor you can use a multimeter and measure the output voltage of your IC(acs712).
LM431 is a shunt regulator. How do you measure voltage with it.

note: I am not a proffessional nor beginner.

LM431BIM3/NOPB is a voltage reference chip
This is the connection of acs712
This is the connection of the whole PCB

So to test the current sensor i must plug in the battery and put my multimeter black pin to gnd of esp32 and the red pin to pin 7 of acs712 right?

I think so.

Voltage sensor and voltage reference they are not the same thing in my opinion.

ah I see my bad I should have specified it.
Thank you very much, ill test the current sensor and get back to you.